A New Look for Our Trucks

Greater Visibility for Increased Safety

While you’re out and about you may soon notice a new look on United Power’s trucks. Here at United Power, we think a lot about the safety of our employees, and of our members. We are always looking for ways to keep our employees safer in the field and on the job. One of our initiatives to increase safety is better visibility—both for our employees and our vehicles.

For our field employees, we recently traded in our blue uniform shirts for more highly visible yellow shirts with reflective stripes. For our trucks, you’ll soon see a bigger, bolder look making them more visible out on the road.

The new design includes a larger and more prominent United Power logo, so members can more clearly see us when we are working in their communities, or on their property. Incorporated into the design is a reflective vinyl material which will help make our trucks more visible. This will help to protect our workers who often are called out to work at night and during storms where visibility conditions are poor. We want you to know when you’re working with United Power and to know when we’re in your community—and we want to ensure the safety of our employees who are working hard for you.

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