Builders & Contractors

Please follow the steps outlined in the following pages to obtain electric service for a new residence, business, apartment building, residential subdivision, or a commercial/industrial subdivision. United Power only provides electric service – you must contact the appropriate utilities to arrange for extension and/or connection of new water, sewer, gas, telephone and cable television service, and to coordinate installation of other utilities with United Power facilities.

Connection Application

It is important that you contact a United Power Project Coordinator and complete the appropriate application prior to the date that you desire connection of electric service to ensure that your project is not delayed.  If you are unsure whether your project will require a United Power application, please contact the Project Coordinator for your service area.

Cost Estimates

If you are considering purchasing property and are requesting a cost estimate for extension of electric facilities for financing or feasibility purposes, a “ball park” estimate can be provided by the Project Coordinator.  Once the project is ready to move forward, a more detailed design and cost estimate can be provided for a fee by United Power.

Line Extension

Depending on the distance of your property from United Power electric facilities, and the type of electric service required, electric service may be readily available.  If there are no United Power electric facilities within 125 feet of your proposed building site or meter location, extension of United Power electric facilities will most likely be required.  Electric service will be provided in accordance with the terms of the United Power Electric Line Extension Policy.

If you are requesting new permanent electric service and an extension of electric facilities is required, you must complete the appropriate application and pay an applicable design fee. A re-design fee will be required if you desire an alternate route or modification of the initial line extension design and cost estimate. If you elect to proceed with installation of the electric system, the design fee will be included as a credit in the overall cost of the project and in calculation of any required payment. Your construction schedule should include allowance for a minimum of four to eight weeks for design, agreement preparation, payment of any required charges, acquisition of any necessary easement and/or rights-of-way permits, and for scheduling of construction of the required electric line extension. The time required for completion of construction will vary with the size and complexity of the project, site conditions, United Power workload, and weather.

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