Call Before You Dig

Dial 811

Electricity for many of today’s homes is provided by underground lines. Damaging or disturbing a line can cause a power outage in your home and your neighborhood or worse–you could be seriously hurt or killed. Never dig around your home or business without first calling to check for wiring, cable or other underground utilities such as natural gas lines, water, or sewer lines.

Four Steps to Digging Safely

1) Contact the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 811.

Colorado law requires underground utilities to be located BEFORE anyone digs. Whether you are a contractor working on a site or a homeowner working around your own home, this may be the most important number you ever dial.

2) Wait Required Time

Make your call to UNCC at least three days before you plan to dig. Then wait until all underground utilities on your property have been identified.

3) Respect and Protect the Marks

Marks are good while visible, but only for 30 days. If a project is delayed and markings are no longer clear, please request a re-location on your property.

4) Dig With Care

Hand dig 18 inches on both sides of the markers-colored stakes, flags, or painted lines.

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