Connected for 80 Years

United Power was founded in 1938 to provide electric service to Colorado’s growing northern front range. Today, the service area isn’t the sparse, rural territory that farmers rallied together to energize. It’s a mix of historic farmlands, growing metropolitan suburbs and new commercial and industrial development, intersected by some of the Denver area’s busiest transportation corridors. Within this growing service area are nearly twenty distinct towns and cities receiving all, or some, of their electricity from United Power.
While United Power’s story began in 1938, many of our member communities were taking shape long before this co-op electrified the landscape. The early years for many of these communities laid the foundation for their futures.

From the early beginnings when the gold rush brought people west to settle near Denver, to the surge of people who supported Colorado’s expansion through farming, coal mining and post-war development, each community we serve has a different story to tell. Along the way, United Power became a part of that story by bringing local residents and businesses the electricity that would power their next 80 years, and beyond. As we reflect on our own 80-year history as a rural cooperative, walk with us through the history of the region, and some of the highlights of the communities we’re connected to. Our history is a story about you— the members and communities that make up this cooperative.

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