Cycled Air Program

Earn $30 for Participating in Cycled Air

The Cycled Air Program is closed for enrollment.

If you have central air conditioning in your home, you qualify for a program that will help United Power manage energy demand. The Cycled Air Program is designed to help the cooperative reduce peak consumption and control expensive peak costs, which should result in costs savings for all our customers. As a participant, you will get $30 for signing up!

During the course of any day, there are times when customers demand more electricity. This high energy demand is referred to as the peak. Most electric utilities hit their highest peaks on the hottest days during the summer months and United Power is no exception. Between the hours of 2 p.m. and 9 p.m., most customers arrive home from work and flip on multiple appliances like their stove, television and air conditioner—an appliance contributing to over 50 percent of the average consumer’s energy use. Running all these energy users creates a huge demand on the electric system.

When you join the program, we’ll install a device outside your home that will automatically cycle your central air conditioner’s compressor on and off at short intervals and only on peak energy demand days. Most customers don’t notice when the unit is cycling, and those that do notice say they experience only minor increases in indoor temperatures. By allowing us to cycle your compressor, we can reduce energy consumption and lower our peak usage. For participating in the Cycled Air Program, you’ll receive a credit of $30 on your bill at the end of the summer.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will you install the equipment on my property?
When we receive your enrollment, we will send an experienced HVAC Technician to your home to install the load control receiver device. You do not have to be home, but our contractor will need access to your air conditioner, please keep our contractors safe by unlocking gates, clearing a path, and restraining animals.

Will I still be comfortable?
Your air conditioner or heat pump compressor will be cycled at short intervals and only on the highest peak days during the summer months. The fan inside your home will continue to operate, which will keep already cooled air moving through your home. Typically, indoor temperatures may only change one to two degrees. Most people don’t even notice that their compressor has cycled.

Will the cycled air box damage my air conditioner, or invalidate my warranty?
Absolutely not! This technology has been in use at electric companies for many years, with a great track record. At United Power we’ve had these units out in our territory for many years, and they have been reliable for the customer and the cooperative.

If I discontinue the program in the middle of the cooling season will I still get a partial rebate?
You will not receive a partial rebate if you decide to discontinue the program in the middle of the cooling season. The rebate is based on our ability to leverage the device throughout the entire cooling season. There is also a substantial cost to United Power to install and activate the box – allowing us to control the load is built into the incentive schedule.

How does the Cycled Air Device work?

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