Deposits & Fees

United Power currently has a deposit policy in place which may require a deposit from members before connecting, reconnecting or transferring their electric service.

Should a deposit be required, the deposit shall not exceed an amount equal to an estimated 90-day bill for the location. The deposit will be held until the member establishes 12 consecutive months of good payment history or when the service is disconnected. Your deposit will be credited to your electric account after 12 months of no late payments, or credited to your final bill when you move out of the service territory.

If a member has had a good payment history with United Power for the previous 12 months, the member will not be required to pay a deposit. Good payment history is defined as no more than two late payments and no disconnect for non-payment transactions in a 12-month period.

For our new members, you may choose one of three options in order to waive payment of a deposit:

  1. Pass a “mini” credit check. There is no cost for this service and a United Power Member Services Representative will run the credit check. Results of the mini-credit check simply state, “deposit required” or “deposit not required.”
  2. Provide us with a letter of credit from your previous utility showing a good payment history. This means no more than two late payments and no disconnect for non-payment in the previous 12-month period. Letters of credit can be faxed to 303-637-1264.
  3. Enroll in our Auto Pay Program for a minimum of one year. Auto Pay automatically deducts your monthly payment from your checking, savings or credit card account. It is a great way to pay your bill promptly and will help you establish a good credit history with United Power. Please note, however, if the Auto Pay deduction is returned by the bank for insufficient funds, you will be removed from the Auto Pay Program and a deposit payment will be required.

Although members may not have to pay an initial deposit, United Power may charge a deposit at any time if the member develops a poor payment history or is disconnected for non-payment.

Collection Process
Member bills are due and payable with twenty days from the date billed. If a member fails to pay the current month’s bill before the next billing period, that bill shall be considered delinquent, a late fee will be assessed and a Notice of Service Disconnection shall be mailed to the address of record. If payment is not received by the specified date on the notice, disconnection will proceed and a reconnection fee and deposit will be charged.

Should you have any questions regarding our deposit requirements and how they may affect your electric service, please call our Member Services Department at 303-637-1300.

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