Manage Your Energy

As a cooperative, United Power must constantly balance the interests of our members, employees, and communities in order to provide the most economical and reliable power while limiting our impact on the environment. United Power is committed to using the earth’s resources wisely, supporting the advancement of emerging technologies, and helping our members to use energy as efficiently as possible.

Save Energy

Appliance Rebates
LED Bulb Rebate
All-Electric Customers
Commercial Lighting Rebates
Contractor List
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS)
Electric Water Heaters
Energy Audit
Heat Pumps
High Bill Concern
Insulate Ducts & Save (video)
Rebates for Efficiency
Retire that Refrigerator
Time-of-Day Rate
Tips to Save

Green Power

Erie Landfill: Methane to Megawatts
Green Power Partners
Hangar 160 Solar Field
Net Metering/Interconnection
Renewable Energy Portfolio
Sol Partners Solar Farm
Wind Demo Project


CFL Recycling
Cycled Air
Energy Saving U
Home Energy Audit
Home Energy Makeover
How to Read Your Meter
Kill A Watt Kits
Online Energy Calculator

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