Finding the Right Rate

Not certain your business is on the right electrical rate? If you’ve changed equipment, operating hours or are simply handling more volume in producing products, there is a possibility that you may no longer be on the right rate for your business. Our Energy Management team is always available to review your account. Depending on your needs, an energy management specialist can help you by reviewing your recent and historic usage patterns, your current power rate, and, if necessary, conducting an “on-site” visit to assure that you are maximizing all the rates and programs United Power offers to our business customers.

This is also the right team to contact if you’re interesting in upgrading equipment. They can give you the latest information on energy efficient operation, and help you qualify for any rebates which might be available through United Power or Tri-State Generation & Transmission.

Contact United Power’s Energy Management Experts at 303-659-0551.

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