Board of Directors

As a cooperative, United Power is governed by a member-elected board of directors. The board, which meets monthly, is responsible for helping to set guidelines for our operation, oversee the costs and spending at the cooperative, and to help plan our future direction.

Board Representatives

East District

Tim Erickson

Beth Martin

James Vigesaa
Vice President


South District

Bill Berens

Bob Grant
Asst. Secy-Treas.

Dave Rose


West District

Ginny Buczek

Brian McCormick

Ursula J. Morgan

Mountain District

Richard Newman

Douglas Pryce


Director District Map


Director Terms

Three or four board members are elected to the board every year at the annual meeting which is usually held in April. All members receive a ballot to allow them to select who they would like to represent them on United Power's board. While board members represent a geographic area, they are elected "at-large", meaning that all members vote in all races. Any member whose primary residence is in United Power's territory can petition to run for the board when a seat is vacant in their district. Specific information about running for the board, including the necessary qualifications and the petition process, appear in the United Newsline each year. This information is also available in our bylaws. If you have questions about board responsibilities or about the voting process, or would like more information about the current Board of Directors, please contact United Power's Executive Department at 303-659-0551.

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