Fort Lupton Solar Farm

In June 2016, a 13-megawatt solar farm four miles east of Fort Lupton was energized. The project began in late 2014 after United Power initiated an effort to incorporate cost-effective renewable energy sources to help meet renewable energy goals. United Power partnered with solar developer Silicon Ranch Corporation, who owns and operates the solar farm, while United Power receives all of the energy produced over a 20-year period.

The solar farm occupies 90 acres and features a single-axis tracking system to allow 160,000 panels to follow the sun across its daily arc, which generates 25 percent more energy than a traditional fixed panel system. The 13-megawatt project produces enough carbon-free electricity to help power more than 2,500 homes and business in Weld County.


Fort Lupton Solar Farm Fact Sheet 

  • Occupies 90 acres of solar panels
  • Expected to generate 34,240,000 kilowatt hours annually
  • Will produce zero carbon emissions
  • Enough electricity to power 2,500 homes annually


“United Power is excited that this partnership with Silicon Ranch is allowing us to add clean, renewable energy to our power mix,” stated Darryl Schriver, United Power CEO. “It illustrates how United Power is trying to strike a balance between traditional and renewable energy sources on our system. The project is also part of a concerted effort by the cooperative to diversify our power sources to provide more predictable power costs for our members today and into the future.”

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