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Since a cooperative is owned by the members it serves, it is important that those members are actively involved in the operation of the cooperative. Here are several ways members can be more informed and more involved:

Grassroots Network

United Power is building a grassroots network of members who want to get involved in key legislative issues. Members of this group will receive information about issues that could affect their rates, reliability or the operation of their cooperative, and have an opportunity to contact their state and federal representatives to voice their opinion. The goal is to educate interested members on industry issues, and for the members to be active in starting conversations with key legislators, local officials and even other members about how their service might be affected.

There are no mandatory meetings, but we will inform grassroots members about local “city hall” events, voter registration opportunities, and other events. We may even host our own events. There is no cost — just a great opportunity to get involved and learn more about electric cooperatives and our industry.

To sign up for the Grassroots Network, please call Jennifer at 303-637-1248 or complete this form.

United Power respects your privacy and we will not share or sell your contact information with outside parties.

Annual Meeting & Special Elections

United Power’s members elect their board of directors by secret ballot at the Annual Meeting of Members held each spring. In addition to the annual director election, the business portion of the Annual Meeting provides members with an update about the cooperative’s goals, accomplishments and financial condition.

Occasionally the cooperative will hold special elections to address issues that affect the cooperative and its members. These elections are typically conducted by mail ballot and information about the election is distributed via the cooperative newsletter and website.¬†Members are highly encouraged to exercise their right to vote in the cooperative’s annual director elections and other special elections.


Your support of Colorado Advocates for Rural Electrification (CARE) or the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE) ensures that elected officials who are supportive of electric cooperatives stay in office and continue to support our cause.

CARE is a state-level political action committee (PAC) maintained in Denver and administered by the Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA) through the CARE Committee and membership. This money is used for candidates, regardless of party affiliation, to the Colorado General Assembly and other statewide offices. CARE money cannot be used for local or county candidates.

ACRE is a federal political action committee (PAC) facilitated by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). ACRE supports congressional candidates, regardless of party, who share public policy goals that are consistent with the mission of member-owned electric cooperatives. Also, half of the contributions to ACRE are returned to the statewide associations for use in state elections. While ACRE supports candidates for the United States House and Senate, it does not contribute to presidential campaigns.

If you are interested in more information about CARE or ACRE, call United Power’s External Affairs department at 303-659-0551.

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