Green Power

Our Commitment

United Power continues to be a leader in renewable energy integration. Since 2009 when United Power energized Colorado’s first community solar farm, the cooperative continues to look for new and unique ways to integrate renewable sources.  United Power recognizes that the future of electrical generation will be an “all of the above” strategy of investing in a variety of generation sources, and responding to the wants and needs of our membership.

Projects like our large scale solar fields and the methane recapture plant make sense on multiple fronts. These projects reduce carbon emissions, but they also make economic sense. They produce generation that we can purchase for our members at a predictable cost, with a predictable lifespan. It is one way to build some cost stability for our cooperative members.

2016 Renewable Fact Sheet

2016 Renewable Energy Update
United Power is leading cooperatives in integrating renewable energy resources.

Fort Lupton Solar Farm
A 13-megawatt solar farm is producing energy for more than 2,500 homes and businesses in Weld County.

Sol Partners Cooperative Solar Farm
Invest in solar one panel at a time with this first-of-its-kind solar farm.

Erie Landfill: Methane to Megawatts
United Power supports this community renewable project that is converting methane to energy.

Hangar 160 Solar Field
This privately owned solar field is the largest of its kind for a co-op in Colorado.

Wind Demonstration Project
A partnership with Gilpin County and CSU is helping our members learn if wind power is right for them.

Green Power Partners Program
A voluntary program for members who want to invest in renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Systems
Make the most of your renewable energy investment.

Headquarters Building Energy Efficiency Features
Learn more about our energy efficient headquarters facility.

Renewable Generation
Discover the various types of renewable energy being used today.

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