Hangar 160 Solar Field

Hangar 160 is a 2 MW solar field located in Adam’s County just south of Hwy 7 on Colorado Blvd. This privately owned solar installation is the largest solar farm for any electric cooperative in Colorado. Approximately 7,500 panels are on the site—enough to power nearly 500 homes and businesses.

A unique aspect of this installation is that the system is tied directly to the local distribution grid. Most utility-scale solar farms are located in remote areas and connect to the utility transmission system and the energy is used hundreds of miles down the line, or they are connected directly to a large load where the energy is used onsite like the solar field at Denver International Airport or the Denver Federal Center. The direct tie into the distribution system means that the Hangar 160 Solar Field will be part of the local power mix, providing local solar power to homes and businesses near the installation.

Solar Field Statistics:

  • Installed in record time: this 2.28 MW project went from dirt to producing electrons in less than 2 months.The facility began producing energy on Dec 5, 2012.
  • All contractors were local: from development, engineering, construction and commissioning– all contractors were local Colorado companies.
  • Deploying new technology: the Bonfiglioli 1000 volt inverters that are being used at this location are the first use of these inverters in the United States.
  • Largest of its kind: this is the largest solar farm installed in a cooperative service territory in Colorado. United Power has a 20 year agreement to purchase the power.
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