Heat Pump Contractors

Homeowners have received incentives for heat pump units installed by these contractors. United Power is not responsible for services or products provided by the contractors listed. United Power recommends that homeowners choose a contractor located close to your home to reduce trip fees.

How to Shop for a Heat Pump Contractor

  • Select a Local Contractor
    • Many contractors charge an initial trip fee and if your home is located far from their office, that trip fee could be substantial. Also, in the event that your equipment would need repairs, hiring a contractor close to you will increase the likelihood that they can respond quickly.
  • Get a Minimum of Three Bids
    • Pick three or four contractors to meet for estimates and further discussion. A contractor should be able to answer your questions satisfactorily and in a manner that puts you at ease. Compare services and warranties when considering price. Your lowest bid may not always be the best value.
  • Compare Equipment
    • Size (in tons): The size, or tonnage of a unit, measures the unit’s ability to cool a home at 12,000 BTU’s per hour. The size of your home is also a factor in determining the size of the unit that will work most efficiently for you. An undersized unit will have to work twice as hard and won’t operate as efficiently.
    • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating): The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit is. United Power and Tri-State G&T currently require a 13 SEER minimum to qualify for our rebates. To qualify for an IRS tax credit, the Federal Government currently requires a 15 SEER and 9 HSPF minimum.
    • HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor): HSPF is the ratio of the estimated seasonal heating output. Typically the higher the SEER is, the higher the HSPF will be.
    • Warranties: Compare labor and parts warranties. Warranties on parts can vary between the compressor, coils, fans, and controls.
  • Other Considerations
    • How long will it take the contractor to begin the job, complete the job, and leave the premises in a clean and orderly appearance?
    • If you are replacing an old air conditioner or heat pump unit, will the contractor reclaim the existing refrigerant and be responsible for removing and properly disposing of old equipment?


Combine United Power’s substantial heat pump rebates, with federal tax credits and energy savings and your heat pump will easily pay for itself. Learn more here.

For more information about heat pumps and rebates, please contact United Power’s Energy Management Experts at 303-659-0551.



Air-Source Heat Pump = Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat Pump = Ground-Source Heat Pump


The Cooler Company
Jasmin » 303-432-7973
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpWestminster, CO
Aire Serv of Boulder
Didier » 303-776-5289
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpFrederick, CO
SAC Mechanical
Aaron Marcus » 970-352-2117
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpGreeley, CO
Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc
Terri Marsh » 303-466-4209
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpBroomfield, CO
Applied Comfort Mechanical LLC
Reina Davalos » 303-772-3675
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpFrederick, CO
Eastside Heating and Air Conditioning
Boe Kampbell » 303-286-7644
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpBrighton, CO
Precise Renewable Energy
Glenn Hibl » 303-280-9177
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpThornton, CO
IMS Heating & Air, Inc.
Daren Shawver » 970-532-0123
Air-Source Heat PumpBerthound, CO
Comfort Zone Services, Inc.
Zach Whiteley » 303-463-7701
Air-Source Heat PumpArvada, CO
Flatland Heating and Air
Dean Farnsworth » 303-827-4252
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpErie, CO
Blue Valley Energy, LLC
David Petroy » 303-993-2645
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpBoulder, CO
Nationwide Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Jeff J » 303-232-3939
Air-Source Heat PumpDenver, CO
Buettenback HVAC, L.L.C.
John » 970-466-0688
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpSterling, CO
Kc Legend Enterprises
Kent Vance » 970-345-2001
Ground-Source Heat PumpAkron, CO
PK Geothermal LLC
Robert Konrad or Nathan Poss » 303-485-8449
Ground-Source Heat PumpErie, CO
Colorado Geothermal Drilling
Dan Rau, PE, LEED AP » 303-903-7081
Ground-Source Heat PumpThornton, CO
Utopia Mechanical Inc.
Paul Beckman » 303-875-2400
Air-Source Heat PumpFirestone, CO
Swan Heating and Air
Tim Swan » 970-613-0762
Air-Source Heat PumpLoveland, CO
Steele Bros Heating Inc.
Craig Barnes » 303-347-1958
Air-Source Heat PumpLittleton, CO
Schlueter Heating Co.
Carl Schlueter » 303-604-9100
Air-Source Heat PumpLaFayette, CO
Gale Force Heating & A/C, Inc.
Gale Roberts » 303-286-1478
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpDenver, CO
Lenny’s HVAC & RV Service, llc.L
Amy Massaro » 970-203-0364
Air-Source Heat PumpLoveland, CO
L&L Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Larry Leonard » 720-851-1691
Air-Source Heat PumpParker, CO
Save Home Heat Co., Inc.
Dave Lawler » 303-443-9762
Air-Source Heat PumpBoulder, CO
Horizon Mechanical
Mike McCartney » 303-346-3466
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpEnglewood, CO
Westminster Mechanical Co LLC
Allen Zamonis » 303-913-2015
Air-Source Heat PumpWestminster, CO
Fearless Enterprises, Inc
Justin Gilbert » 720-394-2848
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpThornton, CO
R&H Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
David Ruff » 970-226-3619
Air-Source Heat PumpFort Collins, CO
American Air Heating & A/C, Inc
Jim Birdwell » 970-686-6086
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpWindsor, CO
Carbon Valley Heating and Air
Josh Robertson » 303-833-4466
Air-Source Heat PumpFirestone, CO
Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning
Lisa Franklin » 303-232-5100
Air-Source Heat PumpFederal Heights, CO
Perfect Temp Inc
Christopher Butts » 970-663-4993
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpLoveland, CO
H & M Mechanical
Howard Eurich » 303-664-9865
Air-Source Heat PumpLaFayette, CO
Valley Heating & Air Conditioning
Blair Swenson » 303-659-1087
Air-Source Heat PumpBrighton, CO
Ron McNitt Heating
Ron » 303-659-1784
Air-Source Heat PumpBrighton, CO
Tonville HVAC
Stan Roskop » 303-659-8583
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpBrighton, CO
Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning
Bill Buras » 303-421-3572
Air-Source Heat PumpArvada, CO
Now Heating And Air
Sam Johnston » 303-288-2299
Air-Source Heat PumpThornton, CO
Gibson Heating & Air Cond
Rita Ulbrich » 970-667-4900
Air-Source Heat PumpLoveland, CO
Swingle Plumbing & Heating, LLC
Bob Swingle/Nancy Swingle » 303-732-4059
Ground-Source Heat PumpKeenesburg, CO
American Heating & Air Conditioning
Casey Bodkin » 720-318-7593
Air-Source Heat PumpBrighton, CO
Controlling Systems
Bill East » 303-762-1421
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpDenver, CO
Dorden Air Inc.
Dennis Schlagel » 303-661-0413
Air-Source Heat PumpErie, CO
Highland Heating & Air
Misty May » 303-848-0095
Air-Source Heat PumpLongmont, CO
Welzig Mechanical
Jimmy Welzig or Marcy Sanchez » 303-678-5576
Air-Source Heat PumpLongmont, CO
Tim’s Refrigeration
Tim Killoran » 303-520-0130
Air-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat PumpBrighton, CO
Major Geothermal, Inc.
Bob Major & John Barnard » 303-424-1622
Ground-Source Heat PumpWheat Ridge, CO
K.J.Thomas Mechanical
Karl Thomas » 303-435-8141
Air-Source Heat PumpMead, CO
Northern 24 Hour Heating and A/C
Kenneth Lysek » 303-432-8303
Air-Source Heat PumpEastlake, CO
Coffman/B&F Heating
Pat Quinlan » 303-431-8914
Air-Source Heat PumpWheat Ridge, CO
D.R. Heating & Cooling LLC
Dan Dodson » 720-233-2046
Air-Source Heat PumpBrighton, CO


Join the Contractors List

To have your business listed as a United Power contractor you must have installed a heat pump in the United Power service territory and the installation must be inspected by a United Power Energy Management Specialist. For more information about adding your company to this list or to make changes to the information listed here please contact Cesar KoKoletzi by email or by calling 303-637-1311.

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