Joint Trench

It is in the best interest of the general public, United Power and subdivision developers to minimize the number of utility trenches in public and private rights-of-way.  Developers of subdivisions requesting installation of underground electric service, in qualifying situations, or individuals, may desire to have joint utility facilities installed in a common trench with electric facilities.  Developers and Individuals shall be referred to as “Developers” throughout this information.

  • United Power shall, subject to specific conditions, permit a developer to install or arrange for non-exclusive installation of joint utility facilities in a United Power underground electric distribution trench.  All joint utility facilities must be installed in accordance with United Power, Inc. terms and requirements and in compliance with all applicable code and regulatory requirements.  United Power will own the trench and therefore has control over its specification and installation. It is the developer’s sole responsibility to complete all arrangements with joint utilities.
  • United Power will take the lead position in scheduling of trenching activities.  When the subdivision site is ready for installation of the United Power underground electric distribution system, the United Power Operations personnel will contact the developer to arrange a pre-construction meeting to discuss scheduling of United Power construction.  It is the developer’s responsibility to contact authorized joint utilities and arrange for their representatives to attend the pre-construction meeting to coordinate scheduling of installation of their facilities in a joint trench with United Power.  At the pre-construction meeting, the developer shall provide a list of the authorized joint utilities and the names and telephone numbers of their project representatives.
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