LED Bulb Rebates

Through a rebate funded by Tri-State Generation and Transmission, United Power members can receive a rebate on LED Lighting products. Please read program details and product qualifications carefully. For more information, contact United Power’s Energy Management Team at 303-659-0551.

LED Bulb Rebate Program
2019 is the Final Year for LED Rebates



  • LED light bulbs
  • Lumen output of 500 or greater
  • Limit 50 bulbs rebated per member, per year
  • Apply within 120 days of purchase
50% of the
bulb cost
max: $8
per bulb


Program Information

United Power members can receive half the cost of a qualifying LED light bulb, with a maximum of $8 per bulb. Bulbs must be LED products with a lumen output of 500 or greater.  LED rebate applications must be submitted with purchase receipt and photograph or photocopy of product packaging to verify product meets program requirements. You must receive permanent residential electric service from United Power to qualify. Applications must be submitted within 120 days of purchase*. Rebates are limited to 50 bulbs rebated, per member, per year. Rebates are issued as a bill credit and may take up to two billing cycles after submission to appear on bill statement. Submission of application does not guarantee rebate.

*Applications for end of year purchases must be received by Dec. 31, 2019 to qualify for 2019 Rebate Program. 

Product Verification

To qualify for LED rebates, members must submit a completed rebate application, copy or photo of purchase receipt(s), and a photo of the LED product/packaging to verify the product meets the program requirements. Members should be careful to submit photos that clearly verify the product is an LED Bulb and that the lumen output of 500 or greater is visible. Submitting blurry photos, where these requirements are not easy to distinguish, could cause a rebate to be declined.

How to Apply

Application Packets must include:

  • Rebate application form
  • Copy of purchase receipt with product and purchase date circled.
  • Photograph of product packaging to verify LED and lumen output.

Return completed application packets:

  • Mail: UNITED POWER, LED Rebates, 500 Cooperative Way, Brighton, CO 80603

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve purchased a multi-pack of LED Bulbs. How do I calculate my total bulbs and rebate amount?
Rebates are issued by the bulb. The total number of bulbs in a multi-pack counts towards your annual maximum allowable bulbs rebated. The rebate amount is calculated at half the cost per bulb. To calculate your rebate amount, take the full purchase price of the multi-pack and divide by the total number of bulbs in the package. Rebate amount is half the cost of each bulb, up to $8 per bulb.
(i.e.: A 3-pack purchased for $12. The per bulb price is $4 each, for 3 total bulbs. Total rebate for this purchase is $6).

What if I can’t submit a photo of the product I purchased?
United Power has provided several ways to submit rebate applications and photographs for product verification. You can submit applications and photographs and/or photocopies by mail or deliver them to our offices. Please make every reasonable effort to verify to United Power that your product meets the rebate qualifications. A photo of the packaging is the only way to verify your purchase meets the minimum requirements, since store receipts and invoices do not list the lumen output of the product. In the event that you cannot submit a photograph, United Power will accept the portion of the actual packaging with a rebate application.

Does the purchase price include coupons or instant rebates?
Yes. Rebates are issued based on final purchase price per bulb. Members are rebated based on the final price paid after any instant rebates or coupons.


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