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Renewable Rebates

The following renewable rebates are available to members within the United Power service territory.  It should be noted that United Power does not have a surcharge on its general rates to fund this particular program.  Each calendar year the Board of Directors approves a budget for renewable incentives, and while we have reached the budget cap we will continue to work with members until the board reviews the limits.

  • Please note that there are new requirements to these programs.  These are highlighted in each of the application documents for that particular program.  
  • Please understand and read the Interconnection Agreement that each customer will be required to sign to connect to the utility grid.

If you have questions, please contact:
Jerry Marizza, New Energy Program Coordinator
303-637-1347 or

United Power Renewable Incentives

Solar Electric Incentives (Residential/ Small Commercial)

2014 Rebate:    $0.60 / watt for the first 3 kw of rated system size (Maximium:  $1,800)

Solar PV Rebate Application    

Net-metering/Interconnection Agreement

Solar Hot Water Incentives (Residential/ Small Commercial)

2014 Rebate:     $15 / KBtu of rated solar panels (Maximum: $600)

Solar Hot Water Rebate Application

Wind Incentives (Residential/ Small Commercial)

2014 Rebate:     $0.35 / watt for the first 3 kw of rated system size (Maximum: $1,050)

Wind System Rebate Application

Net-metering/Interconnection Agreement

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