In order to establish an electric service account, billing information must be provided to United Power by calling our Automated Construction Line at 303-637-1323. If you do not have 12 months of billing history with United Power, you may be required to pay a deposit or submit payment history for the past 12 months from another electric utility. For more information about our deposit requirements, please click here.

Application Process

  • Call our Automated Construction Line at 303-637-1323 to provide your billing information to establish a pending account.
  • Schedule an inspection with the appropriate state, county or city electrical inspection agency for your temporary or permanent service.
  • United Power must receive an inspection release from the inspecting agency in order to connect electrical meters.
  • Allow one-to-ten business days after United Power receives inspection release for meter connection.


  • Electric meters must not be located in any area considered hazardous or where reading, testing, or servicing of the meter may become impractical.
  • There must be a direct unobstructed path from the meter to the United Power facility from which service will be provided.
  • All installations must be in accordance with applicable local, state, and national codes and regulations.
  • United Power will furnish, install, and maintain all electric meters.
  • The allocation of responsibilities for provision and installation of specific components of electric metering and service equipment varies according to the type and size of electric service. Please refer to specific drawings and contact the United Power Project Coordinator for details.
  • Residential builders/developers are responsible for advising the purchaser of the residence to contact United Power and arrange for the billing for electrical service to be transferred to the purchaser’s name at the appropriate time.

View the guidelines for Isolated Meter Services (pdf)

Service Laterals

A service lateral is the overhead or underground electric cable extending from the United Power main electric distribution line to the electric meter socket and meter.


United Power will furnish and install and connect the overhead service lateral from the overhead pole designated to provide electric service, and install the meter following notification of approval of inspection of the meter socket installation. (See Inspections below).


  • You must arrange for a United Power authorized electrical contractor to install and connect the underground electric service lateral.
  • If the electric meter socket has been installed and has passed inspection by the electrical inspector at the time of the service lateral installation, the authorized electrical contractor will connect electric service and install a meter.
  • If the service lateral is installed prior to installation and inspection of the electric meter socket, the authorized electrical contractor will connect the electric service lateral and install the meter following receipt of notification from United Power that the meter socket has passed inspection. (See Inspections below).
  • Payment for and installation of underground service laterals is a separate agreement between you and the authorized electrical contractor. Below are listed the authorized electrical contractors for electric service lateral installation in the United Power territory (not applicable in the Mountain territory):

Site Wise 303-430-1414
Rocky Mountain Utility Services, LLCĀ  303-617-0517


  • All new temporary and permanent electric metering installations must be inspected by the appropriate State, County, or City Electrical Inspector before United Power can connect service.
  • If the contractor constructing your building is not arranging temporary and/or permanent electric meter service inspection and connection, you or your electrical contractor must obtain an electrical permit prior to start of electrical work, and then arrange for inspection when the work is complete.
  • The Electrical Inspector will notify United Power when your service has passed inspection.
  • If your new meter is associated with a United Power individual construction project, the billing information will have been provided with your application.
  • One-to-ten working days should be allowed for connection.
  • Please advise a United Power Representative if United Power electric distribution lines are being extended in conjunction with this new service connection to ensure that all related activities are coordinated.
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