Monday, May 15: Outage in Lochbuie & Areas East

Approximately 3,000 members in Lochbuie and areas east were affected by an afternoon outage on Monday, May 15 beginning at 3:53 p.m. and lasting about one hour. Power should be restored to all members at this time. If you are still without power, please call 303-637-1350.

Equipment serving this area is currently undergoing critical maintenance. While crews complete this maintenance to a major transformer, the system is in an abnormal configuration. This system switching is designed to protect the system or anyone working on the high voltage electric equipment. Today’s outage was attributed to load on equipment while the system is in this abnormal state. The same configuration complicated restoration to members who were also without power on Saturday. The transformer maintenance is expected to be finished early this week and United Power will be able restore the system settings back to normal.

We appreciate the patience of our members during these power interruptions.

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