Save with Nest Thermostat

United Power members can Earn up to $75 with
Nest Learning Thermostat + Rush Hour Rewards

The beautifully designed smart thermostat that keeps you comfortable and helps you save energy.

  • Proven Energy Savings
  • Turns itself down when you’re away
  • Control it from anywhere
  • Remote temperature sensing

How to Save with a Nest Learning Thermostat:

Step 1 – Buy your Nest Thermostat

Purchase a Nest Learning Thermostat from any retailer. Learn more about Nest.

Already own a Nest?
You can save with Nest, too >>

Step 2 – Install & Register your new Nest

Nest makes installation easy. Nest installation guides and videos. >>

Register your Nest at to take full advantage of the energy saving benefits of your new Nest thermostat.

Step 3 – Get Paid up to $75 with Rush Hour Rewards

Enroll in Rush Hour Rewards to earn up to $75 in additional rebates from United Power.

  • You’ll earn $50 upon enrollment.
  • Earn $25 at the end of each summer that you are enrolled in the program.

More about Rush Hour Rewards >>


*Program Eligibility

To qualify, you must:

  • Receive residential electric service from United Power
  • Have a wi-fi internet connection
  • Have central air conditioning
  • Room or window unit air conditioners do not qualify. Members living in apartments or condominiums are not eligible.

Get Paid up to $75 with Rush Hour Rewards: Additional $50 rebate awarded as a United Power bill credit upon enrollment in the Rush Hour Rewards Program, and an additional $25 awarded as a bill credit at the end of the summer when you stay enrolled.

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