Quick Thinking Walgreens Clerk Saves United Power Member from Scam

The proactive actions of Brighton Walgreens employees prevented a United Power member from becoming the victim of an attempted utility scam—saving the customer hundreds of dollars. United Power teamed up with the Brighton Police Department Friday afternoon to present Scam Stopper awards to the attentive store employees. “We commend Walgreens and your employees for looking…Continue Reading

Notice of Change in the Tariffs of United Power, Inc.

Date of Notice: October 10, 2018 You are hereby notified that UNITED POWER, INC. (United) proposes to update Interconnection Standards and make changes to several tariff sheets to become effective on November 1, 2018. The Reserve Capacity rate for Net Metering will be eliminated and the wording in the Net Metering rate tariff is updated…Continue Reading

“United Power Leads the Way” Says National Survey on Renewable Integration

Thanks to the continued development of our renewable programs and support from our dedicated members, the cooperative has become a statewide and national leader in renewable integration. In a recent survey, United Power ranked among the top utilities in solar accumulation in the country. >>United Power’s 2018 Renewable Energy Report Each year, the Smart Electric…Continue Reading

Utility Scams Targeting United Power Members

United Power warns members to be cautious and alert after a recent surge in utility scams targeted at small businesses in the United Power service area. Recent reports include scam attempts at small businesses, but these scams can target everyone – from businesses to homeowners – and the scammers use a variety of techniques to…Continue Reading

United Power to Return $4.5 Million in Capital Credits to Members

United Power’s Board of Directors announces that the cooperative will return $4.5 million in Capital Credits to members in August. As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, the Board of Directors reviews its financial condition each year to determine if a retirement is feasible. When margins allow, anyone served by the cooperative the previous year receives a…Continue Reading

Town of Frederick Citizens Affirm United Power Purchase of Municipal Utility

June 27, 2018 – Residents of the Town of Frederick have affirmed the purchase of the Town of Frederick’s municipal utility, which was agreed to earlier by the Town Council and United Power representatives. The Town’s website reported that the sale of the Town’s assets was affirmed by residents with a 1,716 to 236 count.…Continue Reading

United Power Warns of Spam Calls

June 27, 2018 – United Power members have reported receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be representatives of the cooperative and demanding payment for past due account balances. In an effort to protect its members, United Power proactively warns about the potential for phone scams. The cooperative never calls members in person to collect…Continue Reading

Friday, May 25: Safety Outage for Brighton Members After Vehicle Accident

Members near Northeast Elementary School in Brighton are being affected by a power outage that was taken as a precaution while crews work on the local electric system. Earlier this afternoon, a truck accident damaged poles and electric equipment serving the area. Crews are working now to replace the two poles damaged in the accident…Continue Reading

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