2019 Official Posting of Nominations for Director by Petition

UNITED POWER, INC. OFFICIAL POSTING OF NOMINATIONS FOR DIRECTOR BY PETITION The following persons have been nominated by petition to run for Director of United Power, Inc., in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of Members scheduled April 17, 2019.  Districts E (East), S (South) and W (West) are up for three-year terms.   District E…Continue Reading

A New Name: Union REA Becomes United Power

In the late 1980s, United Power overcame a competitive territory war and takeover bid from Public Service Company of Colorado, now Xcel Energy. The rocky battle led the cooperative to reevaluate its service and commit to trimming rates and delivering more reliable power for its members. This is the second in a three part series…Continue Reading

2018: A Year in Review

United Power works tirelessly behind the scenes year after year to bring our members safe and reliable power and the tools they need to monitor and control usage patterns that could save them money. This past year has been no different for the cooperative, which took steps to be among the first to adopt utility…Continue Reading

Questions About Demand?

United Power’s new rate structure went into effect on January 1st, and members will begin to see the 2019 rates reflected as separate demand and energy charges on their February bills. While energy is the total power used, demand refers to the capacity needed to serve your location. The new rates break apart the costs…Continue Reading

What are Vampire Loads?

The desktop computer in your office. The living room TV and gaming console in standby or rest mode. Even the cell phone charger you keep plugged in throughout the day. All of these items are responsible for contributing to your “vampire load,” also known as the “phantom load.” Vampire loads come from devices that use…Continue Reading

Choosing Energy Efficient Appliances

If you’re holding on to older household appliances, now may be a good time to consider swapping them out for newer, more energy efficient models. Old appliances are among the biggest consumers of energy in your home, but as technology evolves, so does energy efficiency. A new energy efficient appliance can be operated using as…Continue Reading

United Power Becomes Sole Electric Provider to Town of Frederick, Welcomes 2,400 New Members

United Power welcomed approximately 2,400 new members on Jan. 17th as the co-op became the sole electric provider to the Town of Frederick. These new members come into the cooperative after a deal was reached last year for United Power to acquire the Town’s municipal electric utility. After failed negotiations over territorial disputes and pending…Continue Reading

Celebrating Innovation

United Power held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in December to celebrate its newly energized battery storage facility and the cooperative’s continued commitment to adopting and implementing innovative technology. Currently the largest utility-scale battery storage facility in Colorado, the Tesla PowerPack battery system, built in collaboration with ENGIE North America, is expected to save the cooperative roughly…Continue Reading

The Birth of a Cooperative

Today, United Power enjoys a seat as one of the most progressive cooperatives across the country. Over the past 80 years, United Power has reached milestones few other cooperatives have, but not without first overcoming a few seasons of turbulence. This is the first in a three part series chronicling the cooperative’s history leading up…Continue Reading

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