Notice of Change in the Tariffs of United Power, Inc.

Date of Notice: October 10, 2018

You are hereby notified that UNITED POWER, INC. (United) proposes to update Interconnection Standards and make changes to several tariff sheets to become effective on November 1, 2018. The Reserve Capacity rate for Net Metering will be eliminated and the wording in the Net Metering rate tariff is updated to reflect current language for Interconnection Standards.

The present and proposed tariff provisions are available for examination at the Coal Creek Branch Office, located at 5 Gross Dam Road, Golden, Colorado; the Ft. Lupton Branch office located at 1200 Dexter Street, Ft. Lupton, Colorado; and the headquarters office located at 500 Cooperative Way, Brighton Colorado.

Anyone who desires to comment about the proposed changes shall file either an informal complaint or a formal complaint with United at 500 Cooperative Way, Brighton, Colorado 80603 at least 10 days before the proposed effective date.

An informal complaint shall be in writing and shall contain such facts and other information to adequately state the reason(s) for the complaint. An informal complaint shall be considered by United, in regard to the proposed tariff changes, but will not require that a hearing be held.

Anyone who desires a hearing must file a specific and formal complaint to the proposed changes and a request for hearing at least 10 days before the proposed effective date. A formal complaint shall be in writing in the form prescribed by United’s Regulations Governing Consumer Complaints and Related Matters. Upon request, a copy of said regulations is available from United.

United may hold a hearing to determine what changes will be authorized, regardless of complaints. If proper formal complaints and request for hearings are timely filed, the Board shall schedule a hearing. The changes ultimately authorized may or may not be the same as those proposed and may include changes different than those tariffs proposed or currently in effect. Anyone who desires to receive notice of hearings, if any, shall make a written request therefor to United, at the above address at least 10 days before the proposed effective date.

By: John D. Parker, Chief Executive Officer

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