Please Note: New Payment Mailing Address

Update Your Records to send Payments via US Mail

Please note that United Power’s payment mailing address has changed. To send payments to United Power via US Mail, please use the following address:

PO BOX 173703
DENVER, CO 80217-3703

Effective immediately, remit coupons included in member’s bills will reflect the new payment mailing address. However, members who use online bill pay systems or have stored payment information in accounting systems may need to manually update their records to reflect the new mailing address. Payments mailed to the old address may be returned by the US Postal Service as undeliverable and will not post to your electric account.

Payments and account updates can be made online using SmartHub, United Power’s online billing and payment portal found at  For more information, please contact a United Power Member Services Representative at 303-637-1300.

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