Renewable Generation

All of our power is purchased through Tri-State Generation & Transmission, which is a cooperative located in Westminster, Colorado. Tri-State is responsible for providing power to more than a million customers served by 44 cooperatives in a four state region. Together with Tri-State, United Power works hard to balance the technical and financial impact of new technologies that are available, and is constantly investigating the many pros and cons of the newest innovations.

Tri-State purchases green power for United Power’s Green Power Partners program from a number of different sources. Wind generation is purchased from Platte River Power Authority of Fort Collins, Colo., and through its affiliation in Basin Electric Power Cooperative in Bismarck, N.D. Platte River operates a wind farm in Wyoming and Basin owns and operates several wind sites throughout the Upper Midwest. Tri-State also receives a portion of its renewable portfolio from several small hydroelectric projects in the region and animal processing industries that utilize animal waste to create methane to fuel small generating plants (biomass production). The balance of the green power Tri-State purchases for its participating members is purchased on the open market through a system of “green tags” – which can be derived from a wide range of renewable sources.

To find out more about Tri-State’s renewable energy portfolio, click here.

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