Renewable Systems

Through a net metering agreement, United Power members can connect their independently owned renewable energy generating systems directly to the utility distribution system. At this time, United Power does not offer a rebate for new system installations. To interconnect to the distribution system a member must complete the corresponding application and follow all requirements associated with that system. In addition, members will be required to sign and agree to the terms in the United Power Net-Metering/Interconnection Agreement.

Note: Systems connected without proper notification to United Power will be immediately disabled, and can result in service being terminated to the member until all requirements are met. Read more about the importance of meeting safety requirements for interconnected systems.


Required for Interconnection


Net-metering allows a member to offset their electric usage through on-site generation of electricity through solar, wind, biomass, etc. In essence, net-metering allows a meter to spin forward when the member is a net user of energy or backwards when the member is a net generator of electricity. At the end of the month, a net-zero home would have spun the meter backwards as much as it was spun forward, essentially metering zero energy usage.

In 2008, the State of Colorado ruled that electric utilities must accept a member’s generation (up to prescribed limits) through the use of net-metering. United Power has allowed net-metering for over a decade and in many cases exceeds the limits placed on it by the State of Colorado.  The benefit of net-metering is that any excess generation is immediately registered by the members meter and the member receives the full retail value of the generated electricity.

Net-Metering Policy Summary:

  • System generation can not exceed 120% of the annual usage at that location
  • Member receives the full retail credit for their production based on the members applicable rate
  • On a monthly basis, excess kwh’s will be rolled over to the next month.  A members minimum bill will be the associated fixed service & facility charge for that members rate
  • On an annual basis (expressed in an Apr – Mar period), a member that continues to have excess generation will be cashed out at the wholesale energy rate. (In 2014 this cashout rate was approx – $.037/kwh)


  • Any projected value of the electricity produced by these systems is not guaranteed by the utility.  Changes in rates, rate structures or net-metering policy could affect this value and existing practices will not be grandfathered.

If you have questions, please contact: Jerry Marizza, New Energy Program Coordinator, 303-637-1347 or

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