Rush Hour Rewards

Nest Can Help You Earn $75 with Rush Hour Rewards

During certain times of day, demand for electricity can spike. To cover this higher demand for energy, United Power must either purchase expensive peak power or encourage members to shift energy use to different times of the day.

With Rush Hour Rewards, your Nest thermostat will automatically shift energy use away from those peak times to help us reduce load on the electric grid. And when you help us save, we’ll pass those savings along to you.

If you have a Nest thermostat, you can enroll in Rush Hour Rewards and earn a $50 rebate from United Power. At the end of this summer, you’ll earn an additional $25 if you stay enrolled in Rush Hour Rewards. Continue to earn $25 at the end of each summer that you are enrolled.

How Does Rush Hour Rewards Work

  • Rush Hours typically happen on a few very hot summer days–when air conditioning use is high.
  • Prior to a Rush Hour, you’ll get a message from the Nest app letting you know an event is scheduled.
  • Your Nest will automatically pre-cool your home ahead of time, and then adjust the temperature a few degrees during the Rush Hour.
  • You’re always in control, so if you’re uncomfortable, you can adjust the temperature settings on your Nest.
  • When the Rush Hour is over, your Nest will return to its regular temperature schedule.

Program Eligibility

To qualify, you must:

  • Receive residential electric service from United Power
  • Own a Nest learning thermostat registered with the Nest app
  • Have a wi-fi internet connection
  • Have central air conditioning

Room or window unit air conditioners do not qualify. Members living in apartments or condominiums are not eligible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Cycled Air program participant. Can I sign up for Rush Hour Rewards?

Yes! Existing residential Cycled Air participants who sign up for Rush Hour Rewards will be unenrolled from the Cycled Air program and the Cycled Air device on your AC will be deactivated and removed. This year is the last year for Cycled Air rebates. The Cycled Air program will officially end on September 30, 2019. Thank you for your participation in Cycled Air and welcome to Rush Hour Rewards.

When will I receive my Rush Hour Rewards rebates?

Rush Hour Rewards rebates are applied as United Power bill credits. You will receive $50 upon enrollment in the Rush Hour Rewards program, and then an additional $25 at the end of the summer when you stay enrolled for the season. Bill credits can take up to two billing cycles to appear.

Tell me more about Rush Hour Events

Your Nest learning thermostat will do all the work for you. To learn more about Rush Hour events, visit the Nest website, or read more:
What happens during an Energy Rush Hour >

Learn how your Nest Thermostat controls heating and cooling during a Rush Hour >

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