Understanding Your Bill

  1. Member Information: This is the name, or names, on the electric account and the mailing address for the electric bill. The mailing address may appear differently than the service address for billing purposes.
  2. Account Information: This line includes your account number, your service location and your United Power billing cycle.
  3. Service Address: This is the actual location that your electric service is provided.
  4. Director District: The elected representatives on the United Power Board of Directors represent four member districts. Your district is listed here. Click here for more information on your elected representation and to view a detailed Director district map.
  5. Meter Information: This section is what your monthly electric bill is based on. It includes your electric rate, your meter number, the previous month and current month’s meter readings, the mult, your monthly kilo-watt hour usage, and your demand.
  6. Billing Period: These are the dates that you are currently being billed for. This line outlines the number of days in the current billing period, the start and end date of the billing period, and the date the bill was processed.
  7. Message Center: Look here each month for important messages and information on member events.
  8. Electric Service Detail: This section outlines the breakout of a typical residential monthly electric bill. Your bill includes, but may not be limited to, these items:
    1. Previous Balance and Payments Applied: a re-cap of your total electric bill from the previous month and payments received by United Power.
    2. Balance Forward: If your bill was not paid in full, or was paid after the due date, a balance forward will be reflected on your bill.
    3. Energy Charge: This is the kWh usage for the current billing cycle multiplied by the per kWh rate.
    4. Facility Charge: This monthly charge covers the costs for billing, collections, member services, and metering. These are costs that are incurred by all members.
    5. Green Power Investment: this is an optional program for members who wish to invest additional dollars into renewable energy sources. The Green Power Partners Program is sold in block of 100 kilo-watt hours for an additional $1.25 per block.
    6. Franchise Fee: this is a city fee based on a percentage of your monthly electric usage. United Power does not make a profit on the collection or payment of these fees. The fee is a requirement of our franchise agreement with the city in which you live.
    7. Sales Tax: taxes applied to your bill are based on the state sales tax rates.
    8. Round-Up: members who enroll in United Power’s Operation Round-Up program have elected to have their monthly bills rounded to the next whole dollar. This monthly donation, an average of just 50 cents per month, is distributed to needy families within our service territory by our non-profit Operation Round-Up Foundation.
    9. Current Electric Charges: your monthly total, including all taxes and fees is listed here.
    10. Total Electric Charges: this total includes any previous balance due on the account and the current month’s electric charges.* For Members enrolled in Budget Billing, or the Time-of-Day Rate: your bill will look different than this typical bill. If you have additional questions, contact a United Power Member Services Representative at 303-637-1300.
  9. Memo Section: Payment methods and billing notes will be reflected here. Often, this section will remain blank intentionally.
  10. Total Due: this is the amount currently due. For your convenience, please pay the total amount due by mail, at one our office locations or drop boxes, on our website using SmartHub, or Pay by Phone by calling 303-637-1375.
  11. Due Date: please pay the total amount due by the due date listed here.
  12. United Power Payment Address: this is payment only address for United Power. Please detach the bottom of your monthly statement and include with your monthly payment to be mailed to this address.
  13. United Power Correspondence Address: Send letters or correspondence to United Power’s mailing address.
  14. Phone Numbers: United Power’s Member Services department can be reached Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. United Power’s Automated Services are available 24 hours a day.
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