United Power Announces Plans to Purchase Facility in Western Territory

United Power is in the process of closing a deal to purchase a 130,000 square foot facility located on the west side of the cooperative’s service territory. CEO Darryl Schriver made the announcement at the cooperative’s Annual Meeting at the Adams County Fairgrounds.  The new facility is located on the east side of I-25, just south of Highway 119.

“The purchase of this building is a great step toward meeting some of United Power’s strategic goals,” stated United Power CEO, Darryl Schriver. “As the territory becomes more populated, our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to our members is vital. This west office will allow us to dispatch trucks and personnel to the west and north sides of our territory quickly without the substantial drive time from the headquarters in Brighton.”

The final closing is planned for next week. The new facility will help the cooperative free up space in the Brighton headquarters to have more room for training and storage. Plans are also in place to lease part of the facility back to United Power’s primary contractor, Ward Electric. Ward Electric recently added United Power logos to their trucks to help members quickly identify cooperative contractors in the field.

“This facility is a win for the cooperative, for Ward Electric and for our members,” stated Schriver. “We’ve been able to negotiate a great financial deal on this purchase, in part because the seller appreciated the cooperative’s profile in the community and sees us a valuable resource. Now we’ll be able to better support the rapidly growing areas in our territory by having trucks and staff that can respond from both sides of our plains territory.”

United Power is also in negotiations to acquire an adjacent plot of undeveloped land. The additional property would allow for the addition of on-site material storage and expanded parking. The cooperative will be communicating updates about the new facility and how it will be used via the member newsletter United Newsline and on the website.

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