United Power Becomes Sole Electric Provider to Town of Frederick, Welcomes 2,400 New Members

United Power welcomed approximately 2,400 new members on Jan. 17th as the co-op became the sole electric provider to the Town of Frederick. These new members come into the cooperative after a deal was reached last year for United Power to acquire the Town’s municipal electric utility.

After failed negotiations over territorial disputes and pending litigation over the Town’s taking of service rights, an agreement was reached last year between the Town and United Power for United Power to purchase the facilities and acquire the customers of the Town’s municipal electric utility, Frederick Power & Light. Citizens of the Town of Frederick voted to affirm the agreement at a special election last summer.

The addition of these new members pushes United Power’s total services to over 87,000 meters, ends all disputes over service rights, and strengthens United Power’s electric delivery system in this rapidly growing region.

“We are excited about bringing the entire Town of Frederick into the United Power membership,” stated John Parker, United Power CEO, after the election was affirmed in June. “We want to express our thanks to the citizens of Frederick for their support in this process, and we will be working hard to make this transition a seamless process for them.”

United Power has been working with the Town to ensure these new members are well informed of the transition details. Members will receive multiple communications from United Power. A series of mailers will be sent to members with important electric account details. In addition, a special welcome page has been posted on the cooperative’s website to ensure these new members have the information they need to take full advantage of the many programs and benefits available to them now that they are cooperative members.

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