United Power Board Seeks Applicants for Open Seat in South District

The United Power Board is soliciting applications from members interested in being considered to fill an open seat in the cooperative’s South District. When seats are vacated mid-term the Board has the option of appointing a member to serve the remainder of the term, and they decided at their August board meeting to proceed with this process.

“While it’s rare that the Board needs to make an appointment, there is some precedent for this situation – whether by resignation or through a death or illness of the board member,” stated James Vigesaa, United Power Board President. “With more than two years remaining on the term for this seat, the Board has decided that an appointment would be the best way to seat a qualified candidate and make certain our board continues to be representative of our membership.”

Members who would like to be considered for this opening must reside in the South District, which covers United Power’s territory in most of original Brighton, and some of Thornton, Henderson and Commerce City. Members can easily determine their director district by locating it in the upper right hand corner of their monthly electric statement, or contacting our Member Services department at 303-637-1300. As for any candidate for the Board in a regular election, interested members must meet the basic requirements for eligibility, which are in Article 4 of the cooperative’s bylaws.  Candidates would be vying to fill the remainder of this seat’s term, which was vacated by Bob Grant earlier this year. Grant’s term began in April of 2016, so whoever fills this seat would serve until April, 2019, when they could opt to run in the annual election to retain the seat.

“United Power is one of the nation’s fastest growing cooperatives, and we need strong and knowledgeable leadership to help guide us in the coming years,” stated Vigesaa. “With all the changes and challenges in the energy industry, it’s an exciting time to serve in this role.”

Interested members can pick up a packet to apply for the seat from the Executive Department at United Power’s headquarters, located at 500 Cooperative Way in Brighton. Completed applications are due to United Power’s office by 4 p.m. on October 11, 2017. The Board will then consider the applications and arrange for in-person interviews of qualified applicants.

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