United Power Crews Chasing Scattered Outages in Blizzard

Update 8:30 pm: Outages are down to around 2,200 members. Crews are currently working our largest outages in Dacono, Del Camino, Firestone and Fort Lupton areas.

With darkness settling in, and road conditions worsening, United Power will pull all restoration crews in at 10 p.m. United Power will retain a small team of Troubleshooters to continue to address isolated outages until midnight. Due to unsafe conditions, United Power members without power after 10 p.m. should prepare to be without power through the night. Crews will be back to work at daybreak Thursday.

If you have not yet reported your outage, please call 303-637-1350. Isolated outages are often difficult to troubleshoot, and your information helps us restore your power as quickly as is safely possible.

We appreciate your patience and support of our linemen during this storm. Our crews faced treacherous conditions all day and will be ready to battle the elements for you tomorrow.

5:30 pm: United Power and Ward Electric crews continue to make headway on scattered outages. As the day closes in, crews are still working on isolated outages that span the entire service area.

Members that have not reported their outages are asked to report it via SmartHub or by calling 303-617-1350. Many thanks for your continued patience. We know it has been a long day for our members without power, and for our crews who have worked in these conditions.

Update 2:30 pm: United Power crews are fully staffed  and are being assisted by Ward Electric contractors. Blizzard conditions are affecting visibility. Road closures and dangerous conditions are slowing travel times. Winds are a persistent issue, causing lines to gallop and slap together, potentially causing blinks and brief outages.

We estimate we still have 5,700 members without power. The highest concentration of outages are in the Dacono and Brighton areas, with numerous scattered outages spread across the service territory.

Please report outages via SmartHub or phone to help us gauge the extent of each outage.

We are grateful for the patience and support of our members. Our linemen are working as quickly and safely as possible in treacherous conditions.


Update 11:30 am: outage numbers are now up to about 5,300. Crews are seeing several downed poles and power line due to wind. Please remember to always assume downed lines are energized and stay away from downed lines and poles. Leave the repairs to the pros and report emergencies to 911.


As of 11 a.m., United Power crews are addressing outages affecting about 2,500 members. The outages, most likely attributed to strong blizzard winds, are scattered throughout the territory. Crews are working to restore power, but please note that restoration efforts are being slowed by low visibility, icy road conditions and road closures.

Please report any outages by calling 303-637-1350, or through SmartHub. Our crews appreciate your patience while they battle the elements to keep your lights on.

Local authorities are asking people to stay off the roads, and members are encouraged to shelter in place. Ready.gov offers these tips to stay safe during winter weather.

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