Vote By Mail

If you cannot attend the Annual Meeting, please vote by return mail.  To vote by mail, please follow the voting instructions carefully:

  1. Vote your ballot ensuring you have selected a candidate in each district.
  2. Place your ballot in the secret ballot envelope.
  3. Place the secret ballot envelope in the business reply envelope.
  4. Sign the back of the business reply envelope (State law requires the member’s signature for the ballot to be valid).
  5. Mail your ballot postpaid, or drop in a ballot drop box.

When signing your ballot envelope, please follow these instructions carefully:

  • If the membership is owned by a human being, that person should sign his or her name on the top line as it appears on the label.
  • If the membership is owned jointly, only one of the joint owners needs to sign.
  • If the membership is owned by a corporation, partnership, or other legal entity, including the estate of a deceased person, the person signing must place his or her signature on the first line and indicate his or her title or lawful representative capacity on the second line. For example:
    • a person signing for a partnership should sign “John Doe” on the top line and “Partner” on the second line.
    • a person signing for a corporation should sign “John Doe” on the top line and “President” (or other office) on the second line;
    • a person signing for a trade name should sign “John Doe” on the top line, and “owner” on the second line;
    • if the member is deceased, the personal representative of the estate should sign their name on the top line, and state “Jane Doe, Personal Representative of the estate of John Doe,” on the second line;
    • if a person is unable to write a signature, his or her mark will be accepted if a witness is present and signs “John Doe is unable to sign, but made his or her mark as his or her intended signature in my presence.  Jane Doe, witness.

To protect the confidentiality of your vote, the business reply envelope will remain sealed until the Annual Meeting when it will be opened and counted by the Election/Credentials Committee.  Tabulated ballots and return envelopes will remain sealed thereafter. Survey and Ballot Systems, a reputable election organization and verification service, will be tabulating all ballots.  Ballots may be mailed directly to Survey and Ballot Systems’ post office box.  To be valid, mail ballots must be received at the post office box by the deadline listed in the ballot packet.  Proxy voting is not permitted.  Ballot boxes are also located at each United Power office for members who would like to hand deliver their ballots. Members can also vote in person by attending the Annual Meeting.

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