Watt Matters

Give a Powerful Present, Give Watt Matters.

Giving the gift of electricity is easy with United Power’s Watt Matters gift program. Whether you give to someone struggling to make ends meet, or to mark a special occasion, Watt Matters gives the electricity we all need to power our lives.

The gift of electricity is the perfect gift for anyone and can be given year-round.

Give Watt Matters:

  • To your children, or to your parents.
  • As a donation to help a local charity.
  • To a loved one facing a financial hardship.
  • As a get well gift.
  • As a housewarming present or wedding gift.
  • To say thank you to someone special.
  • As a holiday gift to neighbors and family.

When You Give:

  • Your recipient’s electric account will be credited with your gift.
  • You will receive confirmation from United Power that your gift was given.
  • Your recipient will receive notice of your Watt Matters gift. Please check the box on the Watt Matters giving form if you would like to remain anonymous.

Download the Watt Matters Giving form

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