Welcome Frederick

On January 17, 2019, United Power will become the sole electric provider to all Town of Frederick residents and we will welcome customers of Frederick Power & Light as our newest cooperative members. We’ve compiled the following information to help you learn more about your not-for-profit electric cooperative and to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Welcome to the cooperative family, we are proud to be bringing co-op power to everyone in the Town of Frederick!

>> Frederick New Member Welcome Guide (pdf)

If you are currently served by Frederick Power & Light, United Power will be your electric service provider as of January 17, 2019. 

Report an Outage: 303-637-1350
Member Services: 303-637-1300

There is nothing you need to do to establish your new electric service.
United Power will establish your new account, and more details will be delivered to you via mail

If you are following up on a bill for service you received from Power & Light prior to January 17, those calls should be directed to Frederick Power & Light.

Metering: Frederick Power & Light will conduct one final meter reading on January 17th, and will issue a final billing for your usage up to January 17th. After that, your electric service and billing statements will come from United Power. United Power crews will be working in your area after January 17th to conduct meter exchanges. There is nothing you will need to do other than provide safe access to your meter.

Electric Accounts: Your account will be established by United Power. You do not need to call the cooperative to establish service. As with all new cooperative members, you will be assigned a United Power electric account number, and cooperative membership account to track your capital credits. While no initial deposits will be required for Power & Light customers, all new members are subject to United Power’s payment and disconnection for non-pay policies.

Your Billing Statement: You will receive your first United Power billing statement in mid-February. All amounts due to Frederick Power & Light for services prior to January 17 must be settled with the Town of Frederick. To discuss any statements received from the Town of Frederick, please call 720-382-5500.

Paying Your Bill: United Power offers several convenient billing and payment options. Important items to note regarding changes to how you make your utility payments:

  • Online Payments: You will not be able to pay your United Power electric bill through Xpress Bill Pay. United Power members can manage their electric accounts online through SmartHub.
  • AutoPay:  Auto Pay with Frederick Power & Light will end for electric services. Due to the timing of AutoPay enrollments, you will need to make a manual payment to United Power for your February bill. United Power offers AutoPay and you can sign up online through SmartHub.
  • Budget Billing: Budget Billing payments for utilities to the Town of Frederick will no longer cover your electric service. United Power offers Budget Billing for members with at least six months of usage history.
  • Bank Bill Pay: If you use your bank’s bill pay service you will need to add United Power as a payee: United Power, PO Box 173703, Denver, CO 80217.

Rates: United Power offers several rates for residential and commercial members. Review our tariffs, or contact our Energy Management team to help you determine the right rate for your home or business. United Power is implementing a new rate structure in 2019 that includes a demand component. Learn more about how our new rate structure gives you more control over your energy costs.

Rebates & Energy Programs: United Power provides a menu of rebates for energy efficiency, programs designed to help you save energy, and programs to help you buy green power, or generate your own renewable energy.

The Cooperative Difference: As a customer of United Power, you’ll be a member-owner of a not-for-profit electric cooperative. Cooperatives are led by a board of member-elected directors and follow a set of guiding principles.  Cooperative membership comes with ownership benefits like capital credits and a voice in the director election and annual meeting. United Power is committed to the communities we serve, to the students and schools in our territory and to the safety of our members.

Questions? Please contact us if you have additional questions about your new electric service or cooperative benefits and programs.

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