Wind Demonstration Project

In January 2010, through a partnership between Gilpin County, the CSU Extension Office and United Power, a wind generation demonstration project was installed near the Gilpin County Recreation Center. This project will demonstrate the feasibility of renewable wind generation in the Gilpin county area. The CSU Extension Office has been documenting the wind data at this site for over a year and this new generator will help us record how that wind resource translates into electric production.The residential 2.1 KW Skystream wind generator, a generator frequently used for residential applications, is currently operating at the site.

In January 2014, the wind turbine in Gilpin County was disconnected. The system was on-line for exactly 4 years and produced 4,411 kwh in those four years.

For information about the demonstration project, contact Irene Shonle at the CSU Extension Office at 303-582-9106 or visit the CSU Extension website. For more information about United Power’s renewable energy and energy efficiency rebates, contact United Power at 303-659-0551 or click here.

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