Rebate Program

United Power members qualify for rebates from United Power and our wholesale power supplier, Tri-State Generation & Transmission. Members will receive both rebates on the following energy efficient equipment and appliances. All credits must be requested within 120 days of installation. An inspection report signed by a United Power Representative is required in order to qualify for heat pump, electric heat, thermal storage, and water heater rebates. Members are encouraged to contact a United Power Energy Management Expert prior to purchasing and installing any new equipment, so you can be assured of meeting all the requirements of the programs.

Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates

To confirm eligibility or to schedule an inspection, please call 303-659-0551.

Commercial/Industrial Rebates

Contact your Community Affairs Representative for details about Commercial Rebates.


Federal Tax Credits

Some equipment may qualify for Federal Tax Credits. Learn more here.
Consult with your tax advisor for information on tax credits and eligibility requirements.


Heat Pump – Rebate

Please check with United Power’s Energy Management team for details on SEER rating requirements before making any purchases. Once equipment is installed, please contact Energy Management at 303-659-0551 to schedule an inspection. United Power’s Energy Management team will complete your rebate application paperwork.

Heat Pump Air Conditioners
Updated on 01/07/19 to reflect 2019 rebates and requirements.
Tri-State G&T

United Power
Ground-Source Heat Pump – New Installation
Closed loop system (min. 3/4 ton)
Griound-Source Heat Pump – Replacement Only
Closed loop system (min. 3/4 ton)
Air-Source Heat Pump (15-17 SEER)$300/ton$100/ton
Air-Source Heat Pump (17+ SEER)$450/ton$100/ton
Air Source Heat Pump with integrated controlled ETS backup$100/unitETS rebate may not be applicable
Terminal Unit—12,000 BTU per hr. min.$85/unit$75/unit

Air Source Heat Pump minimum: 15 SEER, 1 ton.
*For applications where more than 10 units are installed in one facility, the incentive is negotiable and budgetary constraints may apply.

Learn more about Heat Pumps

Electric Water Heaters – Rebate

Electric Water Heaters
Updated on 01/07/19 to reflect 2019 rebates and requirements.
Tri-State G&T
United Power
Limited warranty electric to electric replacement.$30*$20
Limited warranty fossil fuel to electric conversion or new construction.$30*$200
Lifetime warranty Marathon water heater.$50*$400
Lifetime warranty Marathon water heater on United Power Utility Control.$50*$500
Lifetime warranty Marathon water heater and GSHP Desuperheater.
(Any size gallon)
GSHP Desuperheater with steel glass-lined tank.$100$200
 Heat Pump Water Heater (30 gallon minimum)$350 $20

Minimum size of all units is 2.5 kW. Must have R-16 manufacturer insulation or equivalent. Applies to both new or replacement units. Must meet minimum DOE energy factors. Plastic or stone lined lifetime product.*30-55 gallon only.

Learn more about Electric Water Heaters

Electric Heat & Electric Thermal Storage- Rebate

  • Must be hard-wired, permanently installed and controlled.
  • Minimum size is 1kW.
Electric HeatRebate
United Power
New Electric Thermal Storage Units on automated Time-of-Day control panel$16/kW$4/kW
New Electric Thermal Slab on automated Time-of-Day control panel$12/kW$4/kW

Learn more about Electric Thermal Storage

Combine Electric Thermal Storage technologies with our Time-of-Day Rate to maximize the savings.

Commercial LED Lighting

Pre-Authorized Commercial LED LightingRebate from Tri-State G&T
  • LED only.
  • Includes exterior wall mounted lighting, exterior pole mounted lighting, refrigerated case lighting, and interior lighting.
  • Used for both retrofit and new construction.
  • One project per member account, per year.
  • Pre-set rebate amount by fixture type.
  • Pole Mounted Lighting cap of $20,000 or 25% of total LED fixture cost per project/account.
  • Refrigerated Case Lighting cap of $3,000 or 50% of total LED fixture cost per project/account.
  • All other retrofit or new construction fixture types have a combined cap of $20,000 or 50% of total LED fixture cost per project/account.

Project is defined as a single location.

Contact your Community Affairs Representative for more information.

Commercial Energy Audits

Commercial Energy Audits
Audit Cost to Member
  • Level 1 Energy Audits for commercial customers.
  • Audits are conducted by Iconergy, and include a full assessment of electric usage and equipment and a detailed evaluation of other energy inputs (including water and natural gas).
  • Customer receives a comprehensive report with suggestions for reducing energy inputs, any rebates available for recommended measures, and expected return on investment.
  • Large/Complex Operation 50,000 sq. ft. or larger — $400
  • Medium Operation  5,000 – 49,000 sq. ft — $300
  • Small Business Under 5,000 sq. ft — $200
  • United Power will rebate audit cost if audit recommendations are implemented.

Please contact your Community Affairs Representative for more information.

Refrigerated Case/Walk-in Cooler Fan Motor Retrofit – Rebate

Refrigerated Case/Walk-in Cooler Fan Motor Retrofit
Rebate from Tri-State G&T
Replacing the fan motors in refrigerated cases and walk-in coolers with motors of the ECM type has been shown to significantly reduce both fan energy and the associated compressor energy.

  • Replacement of evaporative fan motors with Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) in existing cases or in new cases installed in an existing store or location.
  • Medium and low temperature reach-in refrigerated cases, multi-deck open cases and walk-in coolers.
  • One project per member owner account location per year.
  • $50 per Electronically
    Commutated Motor (ECM).

Refrigerated Case/Walk-in Cooler Fan Motor Retrofit rebate is between a pilot and fully implemented program. Program is subject to change. Verify details and requirements with a United Power Community Affairs Rep.


Irrigation Motors – Rebate

Irrigation MotorsRebate from Tri-State G&TRebate from United Power
  • Motor sizes 10 to 500hp.
  • Limited to irrigation motors.
  • Must meet Tri-State minimum motor efficiencies.
  • Operating at minimum of 15% load factor or 3 months per year.
(motors 10-500hp)$1.50/hp wiring assistance if the motor replaces a fossil fueled engine, or is a new installation.


Variable Speed Drive Retrofit  – Rebate

Variable Speed Drive Retrofit
Rebate from Tri-State G&T
  • Motors from 25hp and up.
  • Program includes: irrigation, farm, commercial and industrial uses.
  • Only retrofits to existing installations, no new and no maintenance replacements.
Contact Community Affairs Representative for Incentives.

Project capped at 50% of the VSD equipment costs. Per project cap $20,000 per member, per year.



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