Thank You for Attending Our 85th Annual Meeting

The videos presented at this year's annual meeting are below, along with links to the 2024 Annual Report and Director Election results. 

2024 Annual Report

Our Enduring History of Excellence & Innovation

The cooperative's story began more than 85 years ago when a group of intrepid farmers in the rural areas north and northeast of Denver came together to form Union Rural Electric Association to power just 110 meters in 1938. 

Today, United Power is known nationally for its use of innovative technology, groundbreaking energy projects and industry-leading system performance. It is among the fastest growing electric distribution co-ops in the country and serves the largest load among Colorado co-ops. 

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United Power’s members elect directors to the Board by secret ballot and the results were announced at the Annual Meeting on April 17.

The 2024 ballot included the election of Board of Directors candidates in each director district and a ballot question proposing an amendment to the cooperative’s bylaws. 

2024 Director Election Results

Mountain District

Stephen Whiteside (Incumbent)...4,819 votes

North District

Brian A. McCormick (Incumbent)...4,776 votes

Central District

Paige Wagner-Maul...3,064 votes
Tim Erickson (Incumbent)...2,197 votes

South District    

Brad Case (Incumbent)...4,767 votes

Bylaw Ballot Question

The following question appeared on the 2024 ballot. A “yes” vote was in favor of changing the bylaws, and a “no” vote was against changing the bylaws.

Shall there be an amendment to Article 4, Section 4 of the Bylaws of United Power, Inc. to lengthen the term a Director holds office from three (3) years to four (4) years?

Passed...2,750 votes
Failed...2,528 votes


Director Election

United Power's members elect directors to the Board by secret ballot and the results are announced at the Annual Meeting of Members held each spring. 

United Power's Board is comprised of eleven member-elected directors serving four geographic districts. Directors serve from geographic districts to ensure adequate accessibility for members, and to provide a representative cross-section of United Power's member base in the cooperative's governing body. Directors serve three-year, staggered terms. Members can email elections to determine their director district. 

View the director district map.

Unlike governmental elections, not all registered voters in the household can vote in co-op elections. Co-op members receive one vote for each membership with United Power, and only the person whose name is on the United Power account is eligible to complete the ballot. Members who are unclear of their membership or account status may call United Power's Member Services Department at 303-637-1300 for verification.

Running for the Board

Eligible members interested in running for a seat on the Board of Directors must submit a director candidate application and written petition. Candidate applications and written petitions must state the name and district of the candidate, and must be signed by 15 or more United Power members. Members may email elections to request a director candidate application and petition.

For more information on United Power's director election and candidate qualifications, please refer to our bylaws.

The 2024 Director Candidate application and petition process is now closed. The official slate of candidates running for the United Power Board of Directors is posted in the tab below.

  • January 18, 2024
    • Director Candidate Applications & Petitions are due at noon.
  • March 15, 2024
    • Electronic balloting opens & paper ballots are mailed.
  • April 16, 2024
    • Mail-in ballots must arrive by 11:59 a.m.
    • Electronic balloting closes at 11:59 a.m.
  • April 17, 2024
    • Noon - 4 p.m. - Ballot drop box available at Riverdale Regional Park
    • 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. - Registration and in-person voting open

It is important to note that United Power directors are elected on an ‘at-large’ basis, meaning that members should cast a vote for one director in each district, regardless of where the member lives. This election policy is in place because directors represent all members, as well as the overall welfare of the cooperative. Directors serve from geographic districts to ensure adequate accessibility for members and a representative cross-section of the membership in the cooperative’s governing body.

Voting Electronically

  1. Login to your United Power online account via the website or the mobile app.
  2. Click “Vote Now” on the online account home screen.
  3. Click “Go to Ballot” after reviewing the voting instructions.
  4. Select one candidate in each district and click “Go to Ballot Confirmation.”
  5. Review your completed ballot and click “Change Votes” to edit, or click “Submit Ballot” to complete your vote.
  6. Your ballot is now complete. Enter your email on this final confirmation screen to have a confirmation emailed to you.

Voting by Mail Ballot

  1. Vote your ballot ensuring you have selected one candidate in each district.
  2. Place your ballot in the secret ballot envelope (optional).
  3. Place your ballot in the business reply envelope.
  4. Sign the back of the business reply envelope (State law requires the member’s signature for the ballot to be valid. Please follow signature instructions carefully).
  5. Mail your ballot postpaid before the deadline listed in your ballot packet.

Signing Your Mail Ballot

When signing your ballot envelope, please follow these instructions carefully:

  • If the membership is owned by a human being, that person should sign his or her name on the top line as it appears on the label.
  • If the membership is owned jointly, only one of the joint owners needs to sign.
  • If the membership is owned by a corporation, partnership, or other legal entity, including the estate of a deceased person, the person signing must place his or her signature on the first line and indicate his or her title or lawful representative capacity on the second line. For example:
    • A person signing for a partnership should sign “John Doe” on the top line and “Partner” on the second line;
    • A person signing for a corporation should sign “John Doe” on the top line and “President” (or other office) on the second line;
    • A person signing for a trade name should sign “John Doe” on the top line, and “owner” on the second line;
    • If the member is deceased, the personal representative of the estate should sign their name on the top line, and state “Jane Doe, Personal Representative of the estate of John Doe,” on the second line;
    • If a person is unable to write a signature, his or her mark will be accepted if a witness is present and signs “John Doe is unable to sign, but made his or her mark as his or her intended signature in my presence. Jane Doe, witness.

Ballot Counting

Survey and Ballot Systems, a reputable election organization and verification service, will be tabulating all ballots. Ballots are mailed directly to Survey and Ballot Systems’ post office box. To be valid, mail ballots must be received at the post office box by the deadline listed in the ballot packet. Proxy voting is not permitted by state law.

85 Years of United Power History