All rebate requests must be returned within 90 days of installation. For some rebates, an inspection report signed by a United Power Representative may be required in order to qualify. Members are encouraged to review program details carefully.

United Power no longer accepts printed rebate applications. If you received a paper rebate application, please contact the cooperative with the location it was provided. To apply for a rebate, please use the forms below. 

smart thermostats

Smart Thermostat Incentives

Put your new smart thermostat to work with Smart Rewards. Earn an annual credit for signing up. Plus, your thermostat may even qualify for a rebate. 

heat pump

Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling

A heat pump is the most advanced and efficient heating and cooling system available today. Choosing an energy efficient heat pump is the best purchase you can make for your home.

water heater

Electric Water Heating

Your water heater is the second largest energy user in your home. Shouldn't it be as energy efficient as possible? Consider upgrading your water heater to an electric water heater.

electric mower

Outdoor Power Equipment

United Power members qualify for exclusive rebates on outdoor electric power equipment to help them beautify and electrify their outdoor spaces.  


Electrification Wiring

United Power offers a rebate to support members converting from fossil-fueled to electric heating and cooling and water heating. The program helps offset the cost of electrical wiring associated with home electrification.


Battery Pilot Program

Members with qualifying battery storage equipment are eligible for a monthly incentive when they help provide power to the local grid through United Power's new battery pilot program.

ev charger

EV Programs & Rebates

Electric vehicles are rapidly growing in popularity. Below you'll find more information about EVs, available programs and services, and member-exclusive rebate opportunities.

Commercial Programs & Services


Commercial Energy Audits

A United Power commercial energy audit will equip you with a detailed analysis of your energy usage and solutions you can implement to start seeing energy savings immediately. If audit recommendations are implemented, United Power will even rebate the cost. 


Commercial Rebates

Commercial and industrial members qualify for all rebates and programs listed above, as well as exclusive rebates on commercial lighting, refrigeration and motors. To find out ways you can improve your business's energy efficiency, review our rebate programs. 


Additional Services

United Power has specialists available to work with you to reduce energy costs, programs to provide rebates and support enhancements to your operation, and a toolbox of additional services to help you with nearly every facet of your business's energy needs.