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At United Power, we want to be your partner in business. We have the expertise, experience, and desire to help make your business a success. We have specialists available to work with you to reduce your energy costs, programs to provide rebates to support enhancements to your operation, and a toolbox of additional services to help you with nearly every facet of your business. 

United Power's staff is here to provide you with the service and guidance you need when making energy related decisions. We provide numerous services at no charge, including energy use assessments, rate analysis, and expert energy management advice. We have engineering and energy professionals on staff to help you coordinate energy improvements, and can refer you to a number of reputable consultants and contractors.

No-Cost Energy Services

In June of 2021, the State of Colorado enacted HB 21-1286 "Energy Performance for Buildings," which requires owners of certain large buildings (covered buildings), on an annual basis, to collect and report to the Colorado Energy Office the covered building's energy use. The act establishes a process requiring certain electric and gas utilities to provide energy-use data to a covered building owner when requested by the covered building owner.

To streamline the reporting process for covered building owners, United Power will upload energy-use data from the covered building electric meter(s) directly to the EnergyStar Portfolio Manager software. Covered building owners will need to register with United Power to authorize this upload of energy-use data. Click the link below for more information. 

Building Benchmarking

United Power will perform an on-site analysis of energy-related conditions in your facility for no charge. The purpose of this assessment is to identify energy efficiency opportunities that show potential for improvement and savings. This is the first step toward creating an energy savings plan and identifying long term strategic energy-related process improvement opportunities. 

Do you have concerns about power quality and how it affects your equipment? We can work with you to test quality on-site and recommend solutions. We can also make recommendations to ensure your service is reliable. 

Want to know more about your energy use? United Power can provide detailed records of your energy use, rates paid, and even provide you with sophisticated map imaging of your facility to help you determine the size and number of mechanical systems we serve at your site.

For an energy analysis please contact our Energy Management Team at 303-637-1250.

United Power will review your demand and consumption history and utilize that information to determine the best rate for your business. We offer a variety of rates and we'll match your operation with the rate that provides the energy and demand you need at the lowest cost to you. 

For a rate analysis, please contact our Energy Management Team at 303-637-1250.

If you own or manage a facility, energy performance contracting is an affordable way to make investments in new energy efficiency equipment. Agencies providing performance contracting install and arrange financing for projects designed to improve the energy efficiency and maintenance cost for your facilities. The savings in energy cost are often used to pay back the capital investment of the project. United Power can provide you with more information on performance contracting and give you a list of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) providing these services.

Understanding How Demand Impacts your Electric Costs

In order to better manage your building's energy costs, it helps to understand how you are charged for those costs. Commercial and industrial members are generally charged based on two measures: energy (kWh) and demand (kW).

The energy charge on your bill is based on the amount of electricity that your building consumes during a month. The demand component is the peak demand, or highest consumption period, occurring within the month. Using large amounts of energy all at once can add a substantial amount to your overall electric bill through higher demand charges. 

Before demand charges become a considerable percentage of your bill, let United Power help you find find ways to reduce your demand and lower your electric costs. 

Utilizing Demand-Side Management

Demand-side management programs can help companies trim their costs through active management of their energy use. Since power costs fluctuate throughout the day, larger users often pay a "demand" charge for the period of time when they use the most power. If this period coincides with the time when United Power's electric system reaches demand peak, these costs can be very high.

Many United Power members are successfully utilizing programs that power consumption through the integration of new technologies to reduce their costs. These solutions, while sometimes expensive, usually have a short pay-day period, and allow companies to be an active participant in reducing their electric costs. 

In addition, we have worked with other companies to help them shift critical work schedules to better manage their costs, without the cost of additional equipment. Contacting our energy specialists is the perfect place to begin looking at how your company uses power, and what strategies might help you reduce some of these critical costs. 

View in-depth energy consumption history and determine what behavior changes can make the most impact in your energy usage through our online Power Portal.

Power Portal

United Power Key Account Advisors

United Power's dedicated Key Account Advisors are here to assist our commercial members.

Determine your key account advisor using the map.

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