Our Vision in a Rapidly Evolving Energy Industry

The electric utility industry is undergoing a significant refocus on everything from technology to power supply. The delivery model of today will look vastly different in the next decade. Grid technology is improving, energy markets are evolving, and member demands and expectations are changing. United Power must be prepared to adapt quickly and respond proactively to shifts in an ever-changing environment. We recognize the wealth of opportunities - and challenges - that come with these changes. 

Our mission as your local electric cooperative is to safely and responsibly deliver reliable electricity and excellent service to our members. To continue delivering on that promise, we must identify the range of potential futures that we need to prepare for, harness our strengths, recognize where growth and investments are required, and develop innovative approaches to proactively address challenges. 

It is, therefore, critical United Power ensures all the pieces work together to optimize financial investments, operating efficiencies, and resources. The intent of our cooperative roadmap is to document organizational objectives to create an alignment from the Board of Directors to every employee and, in turn, our members. 

Guiding Principles

The following principles guide our decisions and were used in the development of our cooperative roadmap. These are the lenses through which we evaluate options such as reimagining our power supply, integrating new technologies, preparing for future markets, and supporting the needs of the workforce.


Strive to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted service to our members through the design, operation, protection, and maintenance of a failure-resistant and resilient electric distribution system.


Continually seek fair and equitable wholesale rates, manage distribution costs in a highly efficient manner, and responsibly allocate those costs across our membership with stable and transparent rate options.


Demonstrate maximum agility and adaptiveness through forward-looking plans; versatile, innovative programs and business models; and diverse power supply options as we respond to changes in our environment and the needs of our members and community.


Act honestly, ethically, sustainably, and in the best interest of our members and communities as we manage operations and secure resources.

Empower and Engage Our Membership and Community

Engage with our members in meaningful ways. Support our members where they live. Support economic development in the communities where we serve. 

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Provide Flexible, Affordable, Sustainable Power and Services

Explore power supply options. Offer Energy-as-a-service (EAAS) programs for our members. 

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Continuously Optimize Our Electric Distribution System

Expand our electric distribution system capacity, considerate of aggressive growth. Execute targeted maintenance, considerate of reliability. Implement design and operational practices, considerate of the future, safety, and risk.

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Achieve Business Agility and Resilience Through IT/OT Synergy

Expand system operations capabilities. Progress Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Meter Data Management (MDM) solutions. Advance technology, infrastructure, enterprise processes, and enterprise systems.

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Empowering & Engaging Our Members
Monday | November 7, 2022
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United Power supports community events, empowers local education, & drives economic development 

United Power Supports Community Events, Empowers Local Education, & Drives Economic Development 

United Power members expect their electric utility to provide consistently reliable power when they need it, for as long as they need it; but as a cooperative, United Power is more than your average utility company. Electric distribution cooperatives exist to serve their members and are only as strong as the communities they serve, which is why we have pledged a commitment to actively engage with our members and promote the growth and development of our communities. 

Our public presence in the community is evident at fairs and festivals throughout the service area. United Power is a proud partner and supporter of community events that offer family fun and celebrate each city or town’s unique and rich history. As the presenting sponsor of the Adams County Fair in August, the cooperative helped bring one of the largest county fairs in the country to thousands of local residents and visitors. The cooperative also sponsors community heritage celebrations like Trapper Days in Fort Lupton and Miners Day in Frederick. 

While summer events bring out large crowds, United Power is also active during the holiday season. You’ll find our community affairs reps passing out candy at local trunk or treat events or see our trucks rolling in festive parades adorned in lights and decorations. We also sponsor Thanksgiving food drives like Food for Hope’s annual Feed 5000 campaign.  The cooperative’s sponsorship of the Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association (CCCIA) allows it to plan several holiday events for its residents, such as family favorites like the Easter Eggstravaganza and Fourth of July Festival. 

“If it weren’t for the considerable support the CCCIA receives from United Power, we wouldn’t be able to put on these events for our residents,” said CCCIA Hall Manager Suzy Schemel. “We are able to bring family-friendly events to the families who live up here free of charge thanks to their generous contribution and continued support for Coal Creek. I imagine the sentiment is shared by many of the other communities United Power serves.”

The growth and development of local communities hinges on the abilities of their leaders – both current and future. United Power recognizes future mayors, city councilors, and other community leaders among the students in our high schools. Each year, we select local high school students to represent the cooperative on trips to Steamboat Springs and Washington, D.C. for youth leadership training and education on the cooperative principles. We also award nearly two dozen scholarships to graduating seniors pursuing a post-secondary education or vocational degree. (More information on United Power scholarships and youth trips can be found here.)

As much as our community leaders spur growth, it also requires creating an environment that supports healthy and thriving businesses. United Power has a seat at the table of local chambers of commerce because of their work behind the scenes helping communities drive economic development. Economic development directors from our communities can contact our readily available and easily accessible community affairs reps with inquiries about new business development and business retention strategies. The cooperative’s close relationship with each community alleviates concerns for potential business owners as they determine future business locations. 

“United Power operates with a level of certainty about its infrastructure’s ability to handle new or expanding load,” said Max Daffron, economic development manager for the Town of Frederick. “That certainty is important for business owners.” 

United Power reps can help communities and businesses determine where sufficient infrastructure is available, how additional capacity can be built, or if redundant power is necessary. They can even recommend ideal business locations based on their energy needs and prospective development in the area. United Power has also partnered with communities to help develop comprehensive strategies and plan for future growth. 

“As a small business owner, I see real value in United Power’s commitment to community support and development,” said Cody LeBlanc, owner of Cinn-A-Brew in Brighton and The KM Cup in Fort Lupton. “Their support showcases our businesses and demonstrates the area is a great place live.”

United Power’s commitment extends to all areas that support community health and well-being, including its state parks and nonprofits that serve the local community. The cooperative assisted Barr Lake State Park in placing its popular osprey platform in 2014; and earlier this year, helped raise its eagles nest on the southern end of the park. When the cooperative hit 100,000 meters in 2021, United Power made contributions to each state park in its service territory – Barr Lake, St. Vrain, and Golden Gate – in recognition of their importance to the community.

Now more than 100,000 meters strong, United Power impacts more people than ever before. We recognize how beneficial the support we provide for our communities has been and how crucial it is for continued growth and development. As a cooperative, we strive to see each of our communities, and the members who call them home, reach their full potential. As we grow and evolve into the electric utility of the future, our members will continue to remain our focus. 

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