Get the Power of Prepaid

With Pay As You Go, you pay for your electricity before you use it — the same way you pay for gas or groceries. You have the flexibility to choose payment dates and amounts that work best for your budget. You’ll receive notifications if your account is running low, and you can log in to make payments and check your balance any time of the day.

To enroll in Pay As You Go, call our Member Services Team at 303-637-1300, or leave your contact information, and we will follow up with you.

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No Deposits, Late Fees

That’s right. No deposits. Members who select Pay As You Go pay no deposits, avoid credit checks, and do not pay late fees. Pre-pay for your electricity and make payments on your terms.

Pay On Your Terms

With Pay As You Go there are no monthly bills, due dates, or late fees. You choose how much and how often you would like to pay. Payments can be made anytime online, by mobile app, or over the phone.

Manage Your Balance

Text or email alerts let you know if your account balance is running low. Access your balance online and through the United Power mobile app. You decide whether to pre-pay your account for the next few days, or for the rest of the month.

Save Energy & Money

Participants in similar prepaid programs are also seeing savings from lower energy use — an added benefit of increased awareness and informed decisions about your energy consumption.

Any residential member can choose Pay As You Go. The Pay As You Go program is not available to commercial or industrial accounts, net-metered accounts, residential accounts with non-standard meters, or for members who rely on life sustaining medical equipment. Be sure to read and understand the Pay As You Go program requirements and restrictions included on the service agreement.

There is no fee to enroll and members on Pay As You Go pay the same residential rates as other members. To get started, you’ll need to complete the Pay As You Go prepaid metering agreement, pay any past due and unbilled energy charges and establish a $50 initial balance to activate your account. If you have an existing deposit on your account, that amount will be credited back to you.

Text and email alerts let you know when your account is running low. If your account reaches a zero balance, your power will be automatically disconnected. Fill your Pay As You Go account with a minimum of $25 and your electric service will be restored within minutes—with no reconnection fees. If you are on a deferred balance payoff plan, you may be required to pay more to have service reconnected.

Login to your account online or through the United Power mobile app to make a credit card payment at any time. Cash payments can be made at payment kiosks and United Power payment centers. Check payments are not accepted for prepaid service.

To help pay off a past due balance without incurring additional late fees, members enrolled in Pay As You Go can establish a deferred balance payoff plan. Under a payoff plan, fifty percent (50%) of each payment will go towards prepaid energy and the other 50% will be applied to the deferred balance until it is paid in full.

If you paid a deposit on your existing account, that amount will be credited back to you when you switch to Pay As You Go. This is a great way to catch up, or get ahead, on your electric payments.

Yes. There is no contract required for Pay As You Go participation. Discontinue the service and switch to standard electric billing at any time. Please note that you may be required to pay a deposit or past due balance when you make the change.

  • Members are responsible for funding their prepaid account immediately. A minimum payment of $50 is required. Once the account is set to prepaid, they need to have their payment posted by the end of the business day.
  • Minimum payment amount is $15, after the initial setup.
  • If an account is disconnected because it reached a $0.00 balance, the minimum payment to restore service is $25.
  • Member must setup notifications through their account online or through the United Power app.
  • If a resident should require life sustaining medical equipment after prepaid enrollment, the member must contact United Power in writing, and the account will be removed from the prepaid program.

Members are required to complete a Prepaid Metering Agreement upon enrollment in Pay As You Go. Please review the program terms carefully.

Prepaid Service Agreement